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Great girl, great time, a definite must see.Went to see Natalia some time ago. Set was easy by email, for massage and bbbj. Ymmv. Her place is very easy to find and there is street parking out front. Unfortunately on this particular day, it was all full. She let me park in her spot out back. I was very impressed when she opened the door, she is way prettier than her pictures. She put me at ease immediately. Her massage was excellent, just the right amount of pressure. We talked pretty much through the entire time she was massaging me, until her hands started to wander and linger around my bum, and balls. She had me flip over


once on my back she started by massaging and playing with my cock and balls, using lots of massage oil. Out came the lube for her sloppy bj. i could feel saliva and lube running down my balls and soaking the towel she put under me. Sliding me deep into her throat, like she had no gag reflex at all. Slow and methodically she worked me into a frenzy that i couldn't hold on any more. I came on her chest, not sure if she allows cim.We cuddled, kissed and caressed for the remaining few mins.Natalia is a great kisser as well. At the time she didn't do FS, well advertise that she did FS. She informed me that she did do FS for returning clients, just not the initial visit. I see now she offers FS sessions as well.


Tadholder - Perb

Natalia only does sensual massage now and I wish I had seen her when she was providing full service because this woman truly enjoys getting men off and I can just imagine what she would have been like before. 


Massage was great but I know you want the good stuff so here it goes....


After the flip she asked if I wanted a CBJ or BBBJ. I guess I was clean enough for her to be comfortable with either. My choice so I opted for BBBJ. She said she enjoys it when she can get really sloppy like a porn star if she uses a cinnamon flavored lube if that's what I wanted so I agreed and boy am I happy that I did. Sure enough there was spit everywhere complete with DT and a bit of gagging too. Her eyes were watering but she clearly enjoyed it. That was a beautiful sight as she kept eye contact throughout. 


She doesn't do CIM so I let her know when I was close and she continued to use her hand up and down on my shaft. I purposely let her know early as I wanted to see her stroking me for a bit before I blew and she continued to spit on it and provide verbal encouragement just like a porn star. 


My cum was all over her hands and I managed to get some on her tits which she didn't seem too concerned about. 


For non-FS it was a good massage with a great ending.


QWERTY7654321 - The Erotic Review (TER)


The newbie meets Natalia Bijoux:


I was looking for strong massage skills for my back, and a woman's touch for my front.

I began a search on CL, and followed  various links to other sites including perb, where I found the very handy review section. Based on perb reviews, comments and provider ads, I narrowed the list of "massage skills with sizzle" to 5-6 providers, then finally selected Natalia Bijoux based on her location and the reviews she has copied on her website.


I'm new to the scene and need discretion, so it was not easy to work up the nerve to contact Natalia.  

She prefers texting, which actually did make it easier for a nervous first-timer.   

"Hi, my name is (me), and I was hoping you would be available for 1 hr on (specific date and suggested time)".  

Her positive reply arrived in less than 2 hrs, with a request for more info about me, and whether I was a perb member.  Fair enough.  I gave a brief bio, that I'm in my 50's but don't look it or act it, and told her my perb handle, "cktc9".  We finalized the date and time, with the address to follow near the actual meet time.  As per her website rates and options, I chose to keep it simple for a first meet.  I chose the basic 1 hr hj finish, with the hope that if all went well, that I could repeat and try the more interesting options.   


To make a long story short, it's been 6 visits now covering a wide sampling of times and options, and I must say it's a nice way to spend an afternoon.  


Natalia is the tall, slim, and beautiful woman you see in the pictures.  She has a pleasant voice, a down-home sense of humour, is easy to chat with, and made me feel comfortable right away.  Communication is good, she is reliable, and lets me know ahead of time If she is running late.

I have fun looking for sassy/sexy/funny cards to use for the donation, and include a tip to show appreciation for the previous visit.


Massage skills: After a quick solo shower, in a clean bathroom, it's face down on a large towel on her bed.  She wears panties and a small see-though top during the massage.  The top comes off for the release, and her 32D's are distracting to say the least.  During the massage she seemed to enjoy dragging her boobs over my back, butt and legs.  It's very distracting, and makes me wish I had eyes in the back of my... back?  Natalia has the strength and skills to do an effective deep tissue massage, and makes good use of her fore-arms and elbows.  Afterwards, I do notice that my bad posture slouch is much improved.  


Flip:  Her hj skills are good, though after too many years of polishing one off myself, I find her smaller hands don't always provide as much stimulation as I'm used to.  Her enthusiasm and persistance certainly make up for it though.  

Her bj skills are excellent!  Seeing her face slide up and down, while feeling her teeth drag ever so lightly along nearly the full length of Mr. Happy just makes it difficult to survive.  She is a bit of a tease, so beware while you're recovering... 


GFE: The restrictions are reasonable, and there are soooo many ways to play, and YMMV, so I'll limit my comments to a general description:  she is incredibly beautiful from every position and angle, very responsive, and a great partner.  Here is where respectful touching, respectful attitude, and gentlemanly behavior has its rewards.


Thank you, Natalia, it's been a great adventure so far.

Respectfully, perb member: cktc9

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